photo 1Through baptism one becomes a member of Christ’s Body, the Church. Baptism is not agreeing to an intellectual proposition; nor is it joining a club or social organization. It is incorporation in God’s own life. In baptism we are assured of acceptance as God’s children and are marked, claimed and made God’s own.

The Episcopal Church teaches that infants, children and adults may be baptized. In baptism we receive a precious gift, God’s gift of eternal love. Baptismal vows are made on behalf of infants or young children by their parents and sponsors. Older children and adults make their own promises.

Baptism is typically a corporate act appropriately administered within the Sunday Eucharist with the gathered community. In the service of baptism, the gathered community joins in welcoming a new member into the body of Christ, the Church.

In special circumstance, however, private baptisms may be arranged with the approval of the Minister.  More detailed guidelines about baptism may be found here.