989737_634447109916019_1639156605_oIn 2008, Emmanuel Church created a Memorial Garden just behind the church building, which was consecrated in June 2009.  It was designed to provide a quiet, contemplative, and sacred space for meditation, dedicated to the memory of those we have loved. We also intend it to be a place to delight in God’s presence, thankful for the beauty of creation. The garden was designed by Max Callender with the generous help of Mimi McDougal and many other women in the Church.

The ashes of any baptized Christian affiliated with Emmanuel Church are welcome here. Arrangements for interment are made by contacting the Minister and completing the application form. Upon approval, the Minister will plan an appropriate memorial service. At the time of interment, ashes are removed from the receptacle and buried. The names of those interred will be engraved on a plaque placed on the back of the church as well as in a Memorial Book.

The Memorial Garden is a holy place for reflection and solace. There are to be no urns, containers, markers, bushes, trees or other objects in the garden without the approval of the Minister and the Trustees.

Fees are reviewed annually by the Minister and Trustees. Currently there is a charge of $1500. Monies will be placed in an endowment fund used for the maintenance of the garden.

Inquiries regarding interment in the Memorial Garden should be directed to the Minister at or (978-526-0085).