DSC_0101Welcome to Emmanuel Church! Located in the idyllic coastal town of Manchester-by-the-Sea for more than one hundred years, Emmanuel Church is a “seasonal church” — a place where Christians worship on Sunday mornings during the summer months, on Easter Sunday, and on Christmas Eve. Services are in the style of the Episcopal Church according to the Book of Common Prayer. Many individuals and families consider themselves members and friends of Emmanuel Church while they may also be members of another parish community either in the Manchester area or in some other part of the country. Throughout the years, summer visitors to the beach, sailors from the harbor, the spiritually curious, and many grandchildren have joined in our worship. In addition to its regular worship schedule, Emmanuel Church has welcomed people to celebrate marriages, baptize their children, and faithfully celebrate the lives of ones who have died. We invite you to join in our worship and become part of the rich history of Emmanuel Church.